Rum Doodle
Digital Marketing Agency

Rum Doodle is a Tirol full service Digital Marketing Agency offering: SEO, PPC, Web Design, Social Media, Email Marketing and Video editing services

Digital Marketing Agency

Rum Doodle wants to be your Digital Marketing Partner, we are committed to Growth and Results for your Company. Our job is to utilise our profound experience to bring you a web presence that showcases your Company both to the outside World and to Search Engine algorithms ranking you as high as possible.

In a highly competitive market YOU can can make a decision about what exposure/visit’s your website receives, what is seen and where. It is not sufficient to just make a website pretty with nice pictures and a few keywords. Google has now become wise to this practice and can also recognise copied text and many other variables.

It is our job at Rum Doodle to keep an overview through constant research and to provide our clients a service that not only want to actively shop, but to also have a passive interest and can be persuaded to buy by a subtle and an effective measures strategy.

A Few Words With You

"You Can Expect Only Growth!"

Geoff Brown – CEO

Our Services Include:

search engine optimizationSEO

Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will help your website rank better in Search Engines. Rum Doodle’s team of experts have great experience in SEO which will help your business get new customers with natural positioning in Search Engines like Google.

pay per click

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing helps you get potential customers fast and sell your services/product. It is the most widespread model of marketing used for Search Engine Optimisation. Our PPC services includes Search Engines (SERP) like: Google, Bing and Yandex.


We offer Web Design and Web Development of various websites and applications: business, tourism, magazines and ecommerce. Rum Doodle’s team of experts are using the latest research and standards in the industry. Our goal is to represent a company or a brand in the best possible light.


Rum Doodle is a Tirol based company in Kitzbuhel delivering premium ecommerce web design and development all around the world with the most important strategy in mind – the websites must deliver conversation which is the main goal of any ecommerce website.


Social Media Marketing is the most important way to establish a recognisable brand and to connect to new and existing audiences to sell your services and get positive comments. Rum Doodle’s team of experts will be connected to your social community and keep the growth of your brand constant.


Email marketing is one of the most effective and one of the best models of advertising on the internet regarding Return on Investment. If you have a database of clients, we would gladly initiate a compaign and use it in the best possible way. We offer consulting, campaigns and templating.


Did you know that avarage first page on Google has around 1900 words? This text must reflect your business and it can help you rank better in Google and other SERPs ? Rum Doodle has an SEO evangelist with over 16 years of experience constantly updating the latest trends, so feel free to let us work and gain organic results.


Internet videos will help you stand out in a creative way and it will make an emotional connection with your desired audience. One of Rum Doodle’s services is video editing and production. We are focused on the Tourist Sector and Events connected to it.

Hotel Complete Website (Demo)

Complete working website for Hotel/Hostel for 499€

Full website for a hotel with booking form, slideshow, gallery and the vital search engine optimization to secure a good ranking on search engines. You can easily administer and add as many rooms and images as you wish and take payment directly or work with you existing booking engines.

Our Digital Marketing Expertise

As you will see above, there are various fields within the Digital Marketing spectrum that complete the puzzle to bring your product to market, be that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), design for your website, Social Media strategies, e-commerce development or Pay Per Click advertising and much more.

Every business now has stiff competition and Rum Doodle is no different, why would you choose us as you Digital Marketing Company ?

The simple answer is that we have a small but outstanding infrastructure of expertise with low overheads, dedicated to delivering on customer requirements. Whilst there may be occasions that we steer our Client’s with advice, we understand that you are the experts of your business not us, we can only advise on what we are experts in.

Rum Doodle have a policy to never accept on a job that we are unable to deliver and to give achievable yet honest deadlines to manage client expectations. It is vital that we build a trust between yourselves as clients and us as service provider

One of the key factors in providing what you require is to have your input and understand your business. It will be you on occasion that will need to provide some guidance by way of content or design and that is only possible in a collaborative partnership

If you are curious and would like us to have a look at your current Digital presence, we are able to offer a comprehensive audit of your website and a consultation for FREE to discuss wether you need hep and how we can assist. This is a completely non-committal offer and even if you have your own web design individual or team they may not be expert in the overview fields that we are and simple fixes can be effected directly by them if required.