Content Writing

It is relatively true that good and high quality content can bring your website to the top of the search engine result page (SERP) but it is must have. Writing text which will keep user’s attention is very hard and almost impossible for multiple reasons but hypotheses is that users are spending ¨4.5 seconds per every 100 words but they can read in average 18 words in that particular time. If the text is attractive enough, the average amount of read text on that page would be between 20 and 30%.

Most users spend time figuring out how to use website, what service is on offer (yes, sometimes this is very unclear) and how to get to the desired page, checking out images and videos, so all data about reading speed and timing can is accurate. Layout, UX and UI takes the major role in overall experience.


Benefits of SEO content writing

High quality text can bring you for sure two very important things: user engagement and high ranking in the search engines. By time, owners of the websites figured out that having long texts and many keywords are key to success so they ordered from the same people to write about nuclear physics, medicine, drugs or tourism… Those pages appeared first in the Google results but they were so amateur, misleading and unprofessional, that Google decided from that moment to penalise those websites.

If your website has irrelevant, bad text, purely written or incorrect, Google will penalise your website. Google’s algorithms are now so complex that it has become increasingly difficult to cheat the system with hacks.

On the other hand, if your text is relevant and on top of that it engages visitors to share and comment, Google engine will measure these very positive signals and rank your pages/website far better than others. In other words, reputation of the website mostly depends of the text and unique images, that’s why the reputation itself makes one of the most important signals for Google.

Why we accent content writing?

Content writing is a key part of Digital Marketing. We specialise in ads, tourism, start-ups, events and conferences. Client locations include Austria, Czech Republic, Montenegro and Croatia we have created various content and ads. With our expertise, simple and efficient writing of content, we have succeeded in making huge differences and raised ROI.

Digital Tourism

You may or may not heard of Digital Tourism, however, with the advances of technology if you are booking, searching, on holiday or have returned from holiday Digital Tourism is everywhere. Trip Advisor or Expedia being prime examples, but things like Hashtags on Facebook/Instagram and much more can enhance your market presence.

Rum Doodle have great experience within what is fast becoming a key Industry Driver and vital for sustained and repeat bookings. As a consultant we can advise you on strategy, but as a technical Consultancy we can implement a methodology that goes far beyond reviews and hashtags.

Think of Digital Tourism as your window to a billion plus customers and the funnel down effect to work out who your customers are and the avenues by which they search for an appropriate Hotel, Apartment or Service in your local area.

Rum Doodle want to showcase your Digital Footprint and lead those customers to your door, but the story does not end there. Rum Doodle has the capacity to follow up by email/social media and much more during and after the user experience providing you with those essential repeat and new bookings by a Digital word of mouth,

Readability Scale

On the readability scale this text is easily understood by 15-16 year old people:

Gunning Fog Score – 9.5. More than 12 is hardly understood as a consequence of a long and complicated sentences)

Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease – 54.3. The higher score the better but we can’t get so little technical)

Flesch Kincaid Grade Level – 8.5. Means the 8th grade can understand this text.

SMOG Index. – 8.3 Measurement of readability that estimates the years of education needed to understand a piece of writing.