Email Marketing

Rum Doodle is Tirol based full service Digital Marketing agency from Kitzbuehel and as a part of our top notch services we offer email marketing as a most important model of Digital Marketing and we support small or medium businesses to achieve better visibility and better sales. Our packages contain email marketing services in several languages including leading ones: German and English.

Our email marketing team has experience working with huge databases in 7 languages, working with more than 10+ million subscribers, generating millions of sales, leads and phone calls. This experience will bring your business a well planned campaign, clear and precisely placed targets on specific audiences, delivering the best possible Return on Investment (ROI).


Importance of email marketing

There were almost 4 billion active email users in 2019 so it is more than half the global population. (Source: Radicati – Email Statistics Report).     Email marketing is the most effective model of advertising so growing your business through an email marketing company with Rum Doodle is a smart investment and we will help your business generate more revenue than ever.

As an email marketing campaign requires highly experienced experts with sophisticated skills of using specialised tools, split testing and knowledge of audience segmentation, we are concentrating on small and medium sized businesses so we can help lower the costs of email campaigns and bring you closer to the best from the professional World of email marketing.

Email marketing for Hotels and Chalets

As our business is based in beautiful Tirol and as we are working daily with the private sector in tourism, we made special offer because we understand small and medium businesses. Rum Doodle decided to help private sector in tourism business and offer small packages such as campaign automation. Our plan is to help you easily contact your customers with your latest offers or a seasonal discount, news and activities from the region.

Campaign Management

Before we step into management, there can be no results without strategy and knowing your competitors. Right approach can result in excellent conversion rates which can attract new leads. Managing campaigns ensure that email design and content are done perfectly and as such encourage users for a desired action depending on it’s business, consumer or targeted email.

Our simple reporting, which are usually scheduled in an agreed period of time, ex. monthly, will show you our actions, leads and sales, and how we are constantly improving to the next step and using campaign optimisation.

Anywhere from simple campaigns, marketing automation, content and/or product promotion or monthly/weekly, we will deliver the best possible results.

Email Template and Content Creation

Email template is a cornerstone of an ideal marketing campaign. We are using our own code and services like Hubspot or MailChimp. Content creation and decision of what text, images and/or videos goes in the email dictates your website, news or event. Editing/re-writing content is done with constant monitoring of conversation rate optimization (CRO).

Types of Email

There are a lot of email types, but the majority would be grouped under: Confirmation or/and Welcome, Informational, Announcement, Postcards, Updates, Newsletter, Finish shopping, Thank You, Transactional, Promotional, Lead, Event invitation, Dedicated, Co-Marketing and Social Media.

Email marketing and GDPR

If you need any help making the best possible type of email, build your email database, we are here to help you. We assure you that we are GDPR compatible and that our Data Protection Officer is constantly tracking all EU laws relating to private privacy.


Types of Email explained

Confirmation or Welcome.

Confirmation and Welcome email are used for making the first contact with a subscriber or customer and the first contact makes the first impression and sets the tone for future dialogue. Usually, those kind of emails are automated and sent right after subscription or a similar event.


This kind of email is always sent once per post, sale, discount, free trial , announcement to users who opted-in to receive emails. The Click to Action (CTA) buttons is a must-have in these type of email.

Announcement or Event invitation

Similar to informational, announcement and event invitations are used to let subscribers know about your new product or you can send them invitation to a future event.


Postcards are a part of direct marketing and it is composed of a short text and image, used to send when certain occasions like birthdays, holidays, weddings etc or in regular intervals. These type of email are really important because the majority of users will devote time to read it.


Updates are used to give notice to particular groups about events or product updates. Notification are sent only to event or product registrants so you could alert them about new feature, discount, changed time of event etc. This dedicated emails are usually sent as monthly welcome to the new members too.


Newsletters or internal updates are usually simple emails, with not much design or overdone. They are used to be sent on a new occasion/information with highlights of your most important and critical message.

Finish shopping. 

If a user used to fill in their own data during process of purchasing and have products in the basket, but didn’t finish shopping, these type of reminders are auto-sent so the user would be recalled to finish their purchase.

Thank You. 

This type of emails are usually automated and triggered by user subscription or purchasing of a product. SO, whenever a lead or customer fills out a contact form, a kickback email is sent after their submission.


Transactional or conformation emails are email fired to one user triggered by their specific action such as purchasing a product, booking a room/flight/car or signing up for a newsletter. Usually they are automated.


Promotional emails are an essential part of effective email marketing strategy. Around 50% of customers said they would like to receive promotional emails on a weekly basis. Gmail created an annotations feature so that Gmail can filter and rank, based on the customer engagement, the most relevant promotional emails.

Lead nurture

These type of emails are used to educate and nurture prospect after you recognise and identify particular group of contacts, usually you already knows, from the marketing funnel  all the way into a position of sales readiness. Good example would be welcome email which becomes lead nurturing strategy. Usually these kind of email are not used to offer discounts but rather to educate and lead prospects to the next step, to give information on your products.


Dedicated emails are used for monthly emails or updates to be sent to a certain group of users (registrants) which already attended your event or are a part of your community.


Co-marketing emails are used when several companies are partnering together so the announcement could be the result of strategic planning, joint webinar or any other organised event which regards mutual benefits or collaboration.

Social Media

Least used, these type of email are used to be sent after social media events, announcements, invites or posts.