Serarch Engine Optimization (SEO)

On this day (October 2019), almost 5 billion of users are active on the internet and more than 50.000 search queries are conducted every second on Google. Most of them use the web to search for business, services and products. It is vital for any website to be first in its own niche so the possible customers and existing users would easier find any info, service or product required.

search engine optimizationSEO

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a multi-layer process intended to rank your website better in results on Search Engines (SERP) such as: Google, Bing etc. Search Engine Optimization is not an option anymore because more and more websites are fighting for the first place and all the rest are drowning deeper in the results, unvisited and away from the first page.

You are missing valuable opportunities not having an SEO. Rum Doodle believes in long-term relationships and as your partner we will get you new engagements and potential customers.

Better positioning in search engines is critical because it get’s your more organic (non-paid) visits to your website pages, get’s you more customers and can get you more positive comments on the social media networks.

How we can help improve your SEO

We are sure you’ve heard about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), people buzzing those magic words, first position in Google… Various SEO experts are consulting and doing business based on “stories” that you will rank better but you don’t get desired results. Staying on the top of industry is not an easy task. Our dedicated SEO manager, with 15+ years of experience, says he has to check, test and track newest results and changes every single day.

Coming from Tourism or Real Estate industry?

You can clearly see latest Google search engine result pages. Google recently changed a lot of thing and your business must stay on the right track regarding Search Engine Optimization and adapt your PPC marketing campaign.

Why Rum Doodle?

With our long practice, experience and know-how trained instincts for ideas how to get penetrable keywords, our SEO experts will provide a list of the most important and competitive keywords and keyword phrases, and give you the opportunity to convert them via your business model. Keep in mind that we are targeting long-tail (less important) keywords too, so we would direct all the possible traffic and customers to your website.

Lately, a lot of Companies use SEO Services, this can have a huge financial impact on Long Term Business, but if the Company doesn’t stay on top of their SEO and follow up with latest industry standards, then the investment in these services is lost.

We understand this, so we always propose combination of SEO and PPC Marketing. While others do SEO, usually we offer besides SEO our second service Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing so our partners would gain customers very fast and in the meantime they would refresh business with new income.

100% White Hat SEO Services

There are many SEO signals and our expert team will check the competition, code, speed and all other signals. We will develop a unique SEO Strategy to fit your business, with best practices and quality content, monitor, analysing and report data over the agreed time. Developing unique and engaging content is super important so the users would comment and share links.

By doing this, you will see clear changes in numbers and revenue.

To get excellent results in ranking, we are using keywords, web architecture, web design, meta and other tags, content creation, link building strategies and conversation optimisation. We also offer keyword research, ranking reports, competitor analysis, website architecture, content quality, off-site SEO, analytics. However, the important factor in a lot of what we can do for you is communication with you as a client. Rum Doodle can add as much excellent content as is necessary, but still require you as a client to approve and edit our work to suit your corporate profile.

Advanced SEO

Advanced SEO means that all the best techniques are used to scan the existing situation of a website. It includes scanning competitors and all other signals such as: keywords, ranks in search engines on various keywords and keyword phrases, backlinks, code of the website (architecture, above the fold, meta tags, headings, alt, NAP data, schema markup etc), possible redirections, as well as checking sitemap, .htaccess and robots.txt file.

Rum Doodle team is using most professional and custom SEO tools in the industry, Google Analytics over Google Tag Manager for tracking to get the best performing keywords.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimising websites for a customer who search, lives or works in a specific area. Local SEO helps local businesses or businesses which provide services in particular geographic areas. Such businesses may be restaurants, cafes, bars, repair shops, Hotels etc…

Regarding Hotels and the last 12 months (this article was updated on November 2019.), most searched terms in Austria were “Hotel Wien”, “Grand Hotel”, “Hotel Salzburg” and “Hotel Vienna”. There is next to zero chance that small local businesses or a Hotel to become listed on the first page of a search engine result pages (SERPs) if it is not spending enormous amounts of money on ads, Google Partner or signed up for Google My Business.

How we can help rank your business better?

If you own business, startup or NGO in Tirol and your company goes Green as an imperative,we are ready to help, give away our business hours for free and make big discounts. Please, write to us through our contact form and we will gladly hear what you are doing on protection of environment and cultural goods.

There is a set of tasks which will help you stand out from the crowd in local search results: map listings, code, NAP data, schema markup (microformat, rich snippets and json-ld), long-tail keywords (in this case local ones), We can help businesses achieve higher rankings organically, ranking better in local SERP.

Narrowing down local keywords and phrases, we can provide better results for Counties, small towns or specific areas like ski-tracks, mountain, street etc, by identifying competitors, discernable global keywords and providing high quality content for each local keyword.

Near me. 

Mobile searches for local services continue to rise. Furthermore, voice enabling devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are becoming increasingly common. There is huge growth of phrases like “near me”. Example: “Restaurant near me”, “clubs near me tonight” or “stores open near me now”.

Google My Business.

One of the ways to rank local business is to sign up for Google My Business (earlier known as Google Places). It’ll help a company rank better in Google SERP, Google Maps and Google Knowledge Graph.

Our Experience in SEO

Our expert team are SEO experts and evangelists, practicing SEO for more than 10 years individually. This knowledge is a warranty that your business will get new opportunities, elevate income and get news leads, consumers and audience. Rum Doodle has collaborative approach in tight, but friendly co-operation with our partners so we will make a strategy, scan competitors, establish goals and report results and growth in agreed intervals.

You can get a free estimate now 

(maximum estimate time is 3 working days), as a clear and simple proposition of what has to be done on your website.

History of SEO

search engine optimizationSEO

SEO started in the middle of 1990’s. It was a simple dance – the webmaster had to make some content, stuff it all over the place to include keywords, submit URL to various search engines and directories. Search Engines would send a spider to crawl and download the website and rank it. That was it. You could cheat, be deceptive and voila, you could rank anything.

At the beginning, search engines and their algorithms relied on website provided meta tags such as meta keywords and description, HTML attributes, content exaggerated with keywords etc, even gray SEO techniques like invisible text (the text same color as background). For years you couldn’t beat competitors who used gray and black SEO techniques.

Such inaccuracies, manipulations and cheating led the search engines to change algorithms and on the way to improve search results pages they decided to drop meta keywords and rely on many other signals. Since than, algorithms are often upgraded with better possibilities for screening websites, its backlinks and code.

What is the connection of the code of the website with signals?

There are many signals which must be matched when writing code:

Text must be close to the top of the page

Here, most of SEO “experts” are doing it wrong and they stuff a lot of code before the text is visible for the users. It is important that ratio of HTML code vs content is way smaller. As anyone would ask: why would I have so much HTML for so little text. So, keep the content reasonably long with as little as possible HTML code.

Architecture of the Website and Headings (H1/2/3)

Architecture is important because it shows and must layout important things first. That’s why for the main title we are adding H1 as the most important tag, a little less important title goes with H2, more less H3 and so on through the site.

Speed of the website

One of the most important factors is speed. With so many mobile users today and the number rising all the time, Google first measure speed of mobile and then desktop variables against the website.

Meta and Open Graph protocol

Meta tags such as ones for the title (shown in the browser tab and search results) and description (shown only in search results) are highly important and must-have. Open Graph protocol is used for showing images, title and description directly when link is shared on social media websites such as: Facebook or Twitter.

Images and ALT attribute

It is important to have unique and nice images. Images must be optimised and light so the speed of the website is not jeopardised. ALT attribute is one of the most valuable SEO signals.

NAP data and schema markup

In many industries, the very first page of results in Google is crowded with their partners and powerful business so there is almost zero chance to get to the top of that page. In that case, the only things left is to become Google partner and/or to make local SEO and get customers who are searching for local business. NAP (name, address, phone number) and Schema Markup helps Google to read microdata throw code and classifies your business as a local opportunity.

Above the fold

It is very important that the main content, button or a call to action is above the fold. In other words – the most important thing must be first shown to users without scrolling.

On-site SEO

It is considered all the techniques mentioned above.

Off-site SEO. 

This means building links to your website, content writing on other websites and getting backlinks throw it, building reputation.