Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing (SMM) is a powerful marketing model and very important way of advertising via social networks, constantly evolving and adapting resources for brands and business.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are great ways to connect to the possible customers. Over 70% of people using Internet are following brands on social media and over 90% of those who follow brands also interact with them on social media.

No matter of the type of your business, most of your customers are using social media networks on a daily basis. Keeping them engaged and connected to your business will bring your products to the top of their needs.

Do your social profiles represent your brand in a right way?

Google and Bing made algorithm modifications and they are “reading” and ranking better businesses with updates and business who often publish high-quality content, builds backlinks and user interactions like sharing.

Establishing a close relationship between a customer and your business, responding to their concerns, will deepen your relationship and earn you a sense of trust with the users. As a result of reliance and assurance, ~65% of people are saying that they bought a product after seeing an ad. It is important to show consumers business culture and company ethic so that the connection to the brand will be established and strengthen longer term. On the other side, social media enables you to have detailed reports of who your customers really are such as behaviour and commitment.

Rum Doodle Social Media Marketing Services:

  • Assessment of target audience
  • Establishing effective SMM strategy
  • Implementation of strategy and design
  • Developing a brand name
  • Scheduling updates
  • Constant monitoring with fast response
  • Research, tracking and changes
  • Targeting specific keywords
  • Constant improvemen

Partner with Rum Doodle as your marketing company!

There are several good reasons why you should partner with us and one of them is outsourcing social media marketing.


Lowering the costs of social media campaign

A major number of businesses can not thrive, especially when starting up with marketing managers who do not have time to deal with several social media channels. Knowing how to employ expertise effectively, paying salary just for that internal Manager and paying for ads can be very costly. Outsourcing to Rum Doodle we guarantee that our experts are the most professional in the industry, laying out the latest standards and tracking the latest research and results. We will bring down your costs and raise your Return on Investment.

Representatives of your brand/business

We will listen to what your customers are saying about your company on Social Media and respond to their concerns.

Our strategies, creation of powerful Social Media campaigns and focus on customers needs has given us a huge advantage over competitors. Solutions we have been developing, driving business goals, our expertise in understanding the needs of market and users are giving us enough space to drive good communication with users on all social media networks.

Consistent planning and proper marketing strategy brings you closer to the new and existing customers and can achieve all of your goals. Bringing you the desired outcome and leaving a huge impact is our imperative.


Facebook Advertising. 

In 2019 there were 2.4 billion monthly active users, a quarter of the World, and it makes Facebook the most popular social network. Facebook gives a fantastic opportunity to reach anyone anywhere. The most common models of getting high-converting landing pages are bundle products or free lead magnet. Advertising campaigns includes various types of ads: clearance, discounts or product coupons, limited time offers, giveaways, white papers, eBooks and free shipping.

Advertising on Facebook and segmentation. 

Ads on Facebook include image/images or video, depending of the goal of the campaign. As a rule for any kind of marketing, it is smart to make different ads or different types of audiences and their interest. Those ads are used to get attention, spread brand awareness, introduce new products or offers and as a way of interaction with existing users establishing your own market.

Re-targeting on Facebook. 

Re-targeting is the best model of advertising but it brings GDPR law into the game which is regulating handling private user data. Our Data Protection Officer will help keep things tight, following every step of the law.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram brings almost half of Facebook number of users but it dictates one of the highest audience engagement rates in social media world. It is 2000% higher than Twitter and almost 60% higher than Facebook. Younger users (18-30) has a highest tendency to use Instagram more than others and it is oriented slightly to the female population.

The advantage of Instagram ads is they can link directly to a landing page on your website allowing shortest possible way of engagement. In any case, Instagram is bringing more engagement for the same ad on Facebook and it is the best social media to advertise, depending on your audience demographic.

LinkedIn Advertising

Marketing to business (B2B) is extremely different to the usual marketing we spoke about so far. If you are searching for a specific business audience, LinkedIn is the best social network to advertise your services/products to other businesses.

Twitter Advertising

Out of all social networks we are using for marketing, Twitter is the last and least used however lately, advertising companies are catching up because they realise that Twitter does have something to provide. Twitter users are buying more from small business and they do have a tendency to shop online more often than other users.