Video Editing and Production

Video Editing and Production

Rum Doodle Productions is a Tirol based Digital Marketing and Creative Production Company working across numerous channels and categories. We have created fantastic and engaging videos for various customers and businesses. Our video editor team handles projects for nearly every genre but we are focused on tourist sector and events connected to it. We take shoots in multiple locations around the world regardless of the scope or a budget, and no matter the type, we can make it better than you ever imagined.

Our accent is on Internet content for small and medium business, helping them utilise every aspect of Digital Marketing and pushing through social channels.

We provide website, filming and concept videos, casting sessions and special client projects with all the elements and a team to handle projects for your business from start to finish. Our main drive is planning, concept, emotion and execution.

Visual Storytelling and passion for editing

Video editing and production is a process which implies meetings/briefs, ideas, preparation and content determination, research, edits, video shoot, camera equipment, software and knowledge for post production. It is a key of any successfully planning..


Our creative video editing team will create the highest client satisfaction and user engagement. Technically and creatively, our team will provide the best and foremost story-telling for your business, conducted with latest trends. If you know us, you know that we are passionate about our work and very proud of our results.

Catching the bigger picture which drives story-telling across footage, crafting video content and cuts, are our objective – emotional connection of user with brand. We like challenges and with every new project we love to be on our client’s border, nurturing long term relationships with clients, we are helping connection between businesses with desired audience and making a great customer experience. Without the right balance brands will struggle to gain growth.

Reasonable prices of our services is a way out for many small and medium business especially in touristic sector. Now, any Hotel, chalet, agency or restaurant can afford having great videos for Internet marketing and to showcase.

We are proud to be a trusted agency, producing great and creative work. We love to tell stories which are interactive. Rum Doodle is confident with our virtual crafting, high quality experience with effects and video production.Thrive with us.