Web Design and Development

Web Design is a set of skills and various disciplines separated in different stages of development of a website, areas which include process and different team activities like: graphics, code standardisation, software, user interface design, user experience design and search engine optimisation.

Rum Doodle’s Web Design teams know-how understand exactly how important the web presence is for your business and provides the best possible communication between users and your web applications. In depth understanding of all of your needs is experience established during years of analysis and making the right strategies. Our team is cultivating best practices and innovations and has unexpected and revolutionary ideas within a design process

Our web designers, technical manager and web strategists are setting up brand definition (colours, logo, iconography), architecture, wireframes and messaging so the users engagement would raise as much as possible, unique and easily recognisable.


Web Design Technologies

We can not emphasis how important it is to choose the right control management system (CMS) for your website. Even though we do websites in WordPress, we can highly recommend ProcessWire with whom we deliver great SEO results. WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento or OpenCart, we offer custom templating, including same design for social networks, ads and email campaigns.

We create web experiences

Our attention to design elements never goes over a narrative of a website. Establishing deeper connection with users, accelerating growth and results is exactly what we do.

These strategies result in creative website designs that attract targeted traffic. The process we follow also ensures that visitors stay on your website and buys what you have to offer. Even within the same industry, we know no two businesses have the same goals. We take time to provide custom website designs that specifically fit the needs of our clients. Our designers customise your site according to your products, services, and target audience. They create a responsive website that gives your business a professional online presence.

We know how important your web presence is to your organisation. Our experience has taught us that great websites don’t happen by chance – they are the result of great design, built on a solid foundation. That foundation is in-depth understanding of everything our clients need their website to do.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design is the process of website construction so it fits to every screen size: mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. It has never been more important for a website or an application to be compatible with all browsers, formats and screen sizes. A website should respond and self-adjust to fit particular screen size and device.

Almost 60% of all online traffic comes from the smaller screens – mobiles and tablets. It is very important to develop user friendly website with proper sizes and interface for users with those devices because the bounce rate is very high – around 45%. That’s because the good part of the websites are more likely to slow down on smaller devices or make it difficult to find important information which is usualy hidden deep under the fold.

Delivering great experiences

There are standards in the industry – standardisation such as W3C and CSS3 media queries. Using CSS frameworks helps providing layout and responsive design easier. As much as using CSS frameworks, a very important thing is to pick up right CMS (control management system) for your webiste such as: WordPress, ProcessWire, Joomla! or Drupal. We have our own recommendation and we would love to share with you our tips and tricks how to get the very best results.

Fitting website on a smaller screen is just one of the factors. Other important factors are: speed, usability and visual impact. More than 50% of visitors won’t recommend a business if the website is “ugly” or non usable on the mobile device and if it loads for more than four seconds. That’s why Google provides a tool which measures and shows results in the first place for Mobile devices. Take a look at our score: Rum Doodle Page Speed. Therefore, a page or website speed is a major ranking search engine optimization (SEO) factor.

Picking the right package: CMS + W3C standards + CSS framework + custom design, RumDoodle guarantee that every page on your site will be an opportunity to persuade and convert a customer. Constant evaluation of the website’s and it’s effects through testing and analysis is the only option to growth, get good results and beat competitors.

Responsive design is not something new to us, we started implementing it years ago. Members of Rum Doodle team are among the first people implementing it worldwide for major, medium and small companies.

Web Design in Kitzbuehel Austria

Rum Doodle is a full digital marketing company that provides web design and consultation services in the area of Kitzbuhel, Tirol, Austria and beyond. Understanding Digital and Destination Tourism, needs of local business in the area of Kitzbuehel, we are the best choice for picking up local business, a Tirol web design Company. Building stable and long partnership is easier with us, right on your doorstep.

FREE stuff for businesess in Tirol

We developed a special relationship with businesses in Tirol as we are based in Kitzbuhel, offering Hotels, Chalets and tourism sector special offers. Rum Doodle is providing free Search Engine Optimisation (ON-site) for every companies based in the Tirol area that orders Web Design. We want to help local businesses growth, succeed and thrive.

For each company/NGO sector which goes green, organisation who plant trees or take care of environmental issues, protect cultural heritage, we give great discounts and free offers. Please contact us for details and please introduce yourself.


Web graphic is different than graphic design because it is live, dynamic, but they share same rules such as colour palettes and mathematical expression. The main difference is the web graphic or web design must be interactive and lead user to specific actions and goals rather than 100% informatics.

User interface (UI)

User interface is simple described: cosmetics while User experience is the engine of the car. User interface is everything that has to do with the look and overall design / interface.

User experience (UX)

User experience design are step, tasks and actions which users takes to get to the final goal. The most important part os UX is targeting discovering which user needs are in relation to a certain product or a page.

Control management system (CMS)

Control Management System is system with administrative interface and possibility to manage images, text and videos on the website in the backend. Best examples are: WordPress or Joomla! or ProcessWire.


These are not program languages. HyperText Markup Language (HTML) helps structure the website and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is helping create visual and styles the appearance.


It is scripting language which usually, simple sad, helps the website has some nice effects and dynamic elements of web page or application. It works with HTML and CSS. It works with web browsers and web servers.

PHP is Acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is one of the famous programing languages mostly used to program web applications and pages such as this. Aside from PHP, we are using other program languages such as Java and Ruby On Rails.