Ecommerce Web Design & Development

Rum Doodle is Tirol based company from Kitzbuehel delivering premium e-commerce web design and development all around the world with the most important strategy in mind – the websites must deliver conversion which is the main goal of any e-commerce website. Combining e-commerce web development with digital marketing, especially email marketing, social media marketing and re-targeting, will bring your company to the new height.

Rum Doodle approaches each project individually deciding which design would be the best fit for your business, thinking ahead of marketing: ppc, display, re-targeting and email marketing, which will help your brand development, faster Return on Investment and raising a positive balance.

If you don’t have an established brand identity, design or logo, we are here to help. Our designer will select proper colour palettes and fonts which will represent your business colour. Graphic Designers will help you select the right colours and fonts for your business. Our custom web designs are always unique and built “just for you” – we never use pre-made templates. We can even help you with all your photography and copy writing needs. Our SEO specialists can help optimise your content to promote maximum organic search visibility.


Ecommerce development & SEO

Our customers are the best and most important people on the Earth. – Rum Doodle

Custom development helps us build websites from scratch, so from the first moment we think not only about a user experience and overall look, but we can implement 100% On-site SEO. Yes, you heard correctly, with every custom web design we implement full on-site SEO and we are not charging extra fees for this.

When e-commerce or online payments are included, it is crucial to think about security in the first place. We therefore highly recommend and help pick up one of the excellent protected and written systems/platforms such as Magento, OpenCart or for complete custom bulletproof solutions: ProcessWire or YII.

We must mention that we keep tracking and implementing latest standards of coding and design, implementing analytics and various tracking. Our team has the most up to date models for e-commerce websites so your online business can and will thrive.

Rum Doodle’s team will help you implement the best possible online payment solution and help you understand what is the best approach for your business.

Branding your online business

For any company’s online presence, including e-commerce website design a clean and clear approach with design is a must-have. Uniting brand colours within the website design, email templates and social media pages will help your brand stand-out above others.

It is important that your e-commerce site has a uniform look to showcase your brand everywhere, from website, social media channels to email templates (newsletters, news, discounts, coupons etc). Rum Doodle is making a branded and lookalike design for custom email templates and templates for posts on social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter so your brand will be easily recognised by potential and existing customers.

Thus, we need to speak with you, understand your business model and base market, so we can find the best possible way to generate sales and traffic.


E-commerce fundamentals

User or Customer experience (UX or CX) is very important. Browsing the website must be enjoyable, intuitive and simple. Online shops can never replace warm welcome and personal contact (CX), but the easier to find and buy products, to use the website (UX), the more likely the customer will return and more importantly they will share their experience.

Know your market. 

Before starting an Ecommerce project we must determine what your target market is and we must profile customers.

User Experience (UX). 

User experience is a technical aspect of usability, interface and workflows of a web application.

Customer support. 

Every ecommerce website should have fast and reliable customer support. Interaction with users via live chat, email, calls, social media and FAQ pages is important and those opportunities should be used for additional branding and empowering enjoyment working with your company.

Offline ecommerce and CX. 

Selling most goods mean physical shipping. Detailed survey should include questions about free (usually the best option) or not-free shipping ex. fast shipping. Wrapping product or packaging is a huge part of customer experience (CX) and must be branded with recognisable graphics.

Return policy. 

A good return policy will increase online sales. It is always important to gain new customers even if you think you lost them via a returned item.